Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6 months already!

Holden turned 6 months May 19. Time sure does fly!! 6 months ended up being quite a milestone... Holden has started sleeping well during the day (2 naps a day over an hour long each! And a third "cat nap"), he is showing signs of starting to crawl (pulling in his knees and balancing for a couple of seconds on his hands and knees), and he got his first cold! Thankfully it was a teeny tiny cold.

Holden likes:
  • sucking on his fingers (ALL the time!!!!!)
  • being carried is his sling, which I love as well!!
  • naked time!
  • being tickled
  • being bounced
  • rolling around on his playmat with his toys
  • jumping in his jolly jumper
  • his carseat
  • sucking on tags
  • big hugs
  • raspberry zerberts
  • when we sing
Holden doesn't like:
  • getting his clothes on after naked time
  • getting his nose aspirated when he's stuffed up
  • being tired
  • being hungry
  • ... that's about it! He is generally very very happy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tulip Festival

Monday Holden and I went for a fabulous walk around the Tulip Festival with our playgroup. Here are some pics from it.