Friday, March 28, 2008

Holden sleeps!!! Really well!!

Last week we decided to stop co-sleeping and move Holden from our bed to his own crib. The decision was a sad one, but I was just not getting any sleep. Holden was constantly comfort feeding all night long; often every hour and sometimes even more; and he was very fidgety, which left me exhausted most days. We thought it would be a really tough and long transition, and we braced ourselves for a long couple of weeks of slow transition (we're against letting him cry it out). Turns out it was a piece of cake!! The first night he woke up only 2 or 3 times, and ever since then he's only been waking up once or twice!! He usually gives us at least one 5-hr stretch! I'm sleeping again, and Holden is also having more restful nights.

Here are 2 pics of him from last weekend (we really love thsi outfit, as you can tell!)

The thinker (or the couch potato):

Holden got an Easter present from his cousin Cole:

And it was Keira's birthday! Happy 2nd b-day!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Holden rolls over!

Yesterday (March 20) Holden and I went to a baby playdate. It was lots of fun, all the babies were about the same age (there were 7 babies and 7 moms!). In the middle of it all, Holden was on a blanket on the floor and rolled onto his side, a somewhat normal occurrence. One of the moms asked if he's rolled over yet, "not yet!". Then I started dangling a toy just out of his reach, and what did Holden do??? He rolled over!! He got a huge round of applause from all the ladies, and lots of kisses from mom. He has yet to repeat this magical moment though :)

Here are some pics from the playdate:

Love this outfit!

We received this outfit from grandmaman a couple of months ago and it FINALLY fits him! It's sooooo cute that it gets a whole post all to itself.

Snow fall

We had a HUGE snow storm a couple of weeks ago. here are some remarkable photos from the day after:

Before shoveling:

After shoveling:

Snow angels in the middle of the street:

Not snow related: grand-daddy with Holden!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holden gets an Exersaucer

Yesterday Holden got his first shots. He cried and cried, it was kinda sad. As a reward for being stuck with needles, he got an exersaucer from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gerry. We tried it out this morning, and he LOVES it!! Here's some video.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Holden takes a bottle!!! And other news...

On Friday, March 7, 2007, Holden Smith Davis Churchill officially took his first full bottle for the first time (and it's a glass bottle). Do you know what this means for me?!? A little bit of FREEDOM!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeee*!!! We can use those gift certificates to Le Nordik (thanks Lisa!!)! An extended brunch with Theresa! Shopping! A haircut! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Before you all start thinking I can't wait to leave my baby, well, you're right, but just for a couple of hours :)

Here's a photo of the blissful event:

"Look, mom, I'm all done!"

Last weekend was Jason's birthday (close friends of ours). We went over to celebrate. Bo is their totally awesome son who turned 1 year old February 27. Here's a pic of them together.

Later when the babies were asleep, we had cake: Jay & Tee:

Random photo from last week: Tummy time!