Thursday, January 8, 2009


Holden has discovered that food is as fun to play with as it is to eat.  Just a few of his favorite games are:

- Hide the food I don't like behind my head game
- Throw the food I don't like on the floor game, which includes his first real context sensitive communication - 'uh oh!'
- Spit food out of my mouth and make face paint game
- Psyche! It's mine! game

Here's a video of Holden playing his psyche game with Mommy

Is your refrigerator running?

If you receive a phone call from our number and hear nothing but jibberish on the other end of the line, its probably Holden crank calling.  He LOVES the caller ID and the phonebook buttons on our phone and he often manages to make phone calls.

The first time we learned of this was from Uncle Gerry who informed us that Holden had called.  That same morning I caught Holden dialing Grand Mamman, but she didn't answer because she was visiting us and was asleep upstairs.

I haven't managed to catch Holden calling someone on video yet, but here is some video of him walking around in my ball cap and holding the phone.

He often puts it up to his ear (usually backwards) and says hello.

Holden learns to gargle water after seeing Daddy do it

... and finishes strong with a cute noise at the end.