Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Les tantes de la fesse gauche?!

Last weekend was a really nice weekend. My mom came to visit with two of her oldest friends, Pierrette and Ghislaine. I’ve known both of them most of my life and don’t remember a time when they weren’t my mom’s friends. Those are some looong friendships! So, my mom calls them “mes tantes de la fesse gauche”, which literally translated means aunts of my left butt cheek. French people are so weird *haha*. Loosely translated, it means honorary aunts.

Everyone got a kick out of my huge belly, and Pierrette let me know I’m still carrying too high to be going into labor soon. That’s a relief, I want another week off before he comes! As an aside, at my midwife apt on Monday, she let me know that Holden is now fully engaged so I guess he has dropped now and is ready to go. I’ve had no early labor signs though, so I’m taking it easy!

Back to the weekend… John made a FABULOUS dinner and impressed everyone. He’s truly an amazing cook! We started with a nice cream of leek & zucchini soup (which I made) and then John made BBQ steak with a potatoes & sweet potatoes dish, sautéed mushrooms, green beans, and crispy fried onions. It was amazing and his presentation was great. My mom brought desert, homemade apple pie (YUMMM!), cupcakes, and a fruit crisp. We STILL have leftovers!!

It was really fun, and went by much too fast.

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