Monday, June 9, 2008

Food Update & Bathtime Fun

We are continuing to try feeding Holden his sweet potatoes. Today we had a bit of a breakthrough and he ate a whole icecube size serving. He didn't love it, but he ate it!! It's the most he's had so far. Usually he only took half a teaspoon before freaking out. We think it may be a texture thing. We bought an avocado to try next and as soon as it's ripe that's what he'll be eating!

Holden finally showed some interest in the bath! Usually when we take a bath, John hops in with Holden and holds him while I wash him. He usually has no reaction to this. Not happy, not upset. Just... bla. Yesterday we put him in the tub on his own and he seemed to have fun! Here are some pics and a video.

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Becka said...

haha look at him go! he looked like he was having a good time. Love the chunky bebebuns!

lucien loves his bathtime. he offers it as a suggestion every time you ask him what he wants to do. taking him out of the bath is like signaling WW3 to start.