Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy (early) birthday Holden!

Holden had his birthday party today (his birthday is actually this Weds). The whole family showed up!* We had a little party to celebrate this big milestone.

It was a great day. Holden had lots of fun. He loved having everyone around and was full of smiles and laughter all day.

Here's who was there:

Nannie (Danielle)
Grandamaman (Nicole)
Grand-daddy Zadie (Barry)
Uncle Gerry
Aunt Lisa
Cousin Cole
Cousin Keira
Paul (2nd cousin to Holden... or 3rd?)
Kay (great-great aunt to Holden!)

and of course:
Mommy (Steph)
Daddy (John)

* Aunt Paula and Uncle Jeff couldn't make it down from Woodstock. We really missed them! Can't wait to see them soon.

On with the pictures!

Steph designed a Wall Juice tattoo to decorate. Here's Holden the morning of his party showing off the tattoo:

Let the party begin! Holden gets a kiss from Cousin Keira:

Holden gets his first gift, a great wooden activity center from Aunt Lisa, Uncle Gerry, Cole & Keira. Cole drew Holden a beautiful card too!

Aunt Lisa and Holden called each other in the morning to make sure they matched:

Cake time! Steph made great vegan chocolate cupcakes. They were amazing!

Holden's first true taste of sugar... he liked it! Ate the whole cupcake in 3 minutes flat!!


Holden gets a bouncy spinny zebra from Zadie. He loves it!


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