Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A few pictures of Holden in his Bumbo chair!

We also have some pictures of Holden in his Senators jersey coming soon. Holden wore his Senators jersey for the key matchup against Montreal on Saturday - obviously it was effective since the Senators won 6-1 !


J & T Hawley said...

Too cute!! Was he wearing his Sens jersey for the beating they took last night?

Stephanie said...

Nope, the only other time he wore it was when we beat the NJ Devils!!!! I think he's a good luck charm!

John said...

Nope, the 7:30 start was past his bedtime. That's why he powered the Sens to such a fast start against he Canadians. He's a busy dude and had sheep to count.

Correction on the last time he wore his jersey, it was against Detroit. So he's 2-0 in huge games.

Becka said...

yargh! holden's too itty bitty for the bumbo! -refuses to believe time is flying that fast!-