Monday, February 4, 2008

Shoveling & Winterlude!

Friday brought us a TON of snow, so John and I spent a couple of hours shoveling Saturday morning. We bundled up the baby and he slept soundly in his stroller while we got some exercise (that snow is heavy!!). It was really nice and mild out, so we didn't mind too much, plus John had a blast throwing me in the snowbanks a couple a times.

We had a fabulous Sunday here in the Nation's Capital! We went to Winterlude ice slides with the Churchill family, then back to Gerry & Lisa's house for a fabulous brunch. Here are some pics from our day:

Keira saying hello to a sleeping Holden:
The Churchills at the top of the slide... :

... the middle of the slide... :

... and the bottom of the slide! :

Keira looking adorable:

Cole looking slightly mischievous:

Back at Gerry & Lisa's, Holden finally wakes up and hangs out with his cousin Keira:

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