Saturday, March 8, 2008

Holden takes a bottle!!! And other news...

On Friday, March 7, 2007, Holden Smith Davis Churchill officially took his first full bottle for the first time (and it's a glass bottle). Do you know what this means for me?!? A little bit of FREEDOM!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeee*!!! We can use those gift certificates to Le Nordik (thanks Lisa!!)! An extended brunch with Theresa! Shopping! A haircut! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Before you all start thinking I can't wait to leave my baby, well, you're right, but just for a couple of hours :)

Here's a photo of the blissful event:

"Look, mom, I'm all done!"

Last weekend was Jason's birthday (close friends of ours). We went over to celebrate. Bo is their totally awesome son who turned 1 year old February 27. Here's a pic of them together.

Later when the babies were asleep, we had cake: Jay & Tee:

Random photo from last week: Tummy time!

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