Friday, March 28, 2008

Holden sleeps!!! Really well!!

Last week we decided to stop co-sleeping and move Holden from our bed to his own crib. The decision was a sad one, but I was just not getting any sleep. Holden was constantly comfort feeding all night long; often every hour and sometimes even more; and he was very fidgety, which left me exhausted most days. We thought it would be a really tough and long transition, and we braced ourselves for a long couple of weeks of slow transition (we're against letting him cry it out). Turns out it was a piece of cake!! The first night he woke up only 2 or 3 times, and ever since then he's only been waking up once or twice!! He usually gives us at least one 5-hr stretch! I'm sleeping again, and Holden is also having more restful nights.

Here are 2 pics of him from last weekend (we really love thsi outfit, as you can tell!)

The thinker (or the couch potato):

Holden got an Easter present from his cousin Cole:

And it was Keira's birthday! Happy 2nd b-day!!!!

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