Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday update

Since John has been out of town from Tuesday until this Sunday, family has been kind enough to come by and lend a helping hand everyday. Tuesday night was my brother-in-law Gerry. He took Holden for an hour and a half walk!!! What a great break. I got to relax in a bath and get some chores done, and Holden had a nice nap in his stroller.

Wednesday my mother- and father-in-law dropped by and also took Holden for a walk. They also brought me dinner!

And finally my mom came Thursday and will be here until Sunday. Today was a nice day, Grandmaman held Holden for a super long nap and I got a bunch of stuff done. Holden even went 4.5 hours without eating today, a new record for daytime!! But he woke up so hungry he had a major fit *ha*.

Here's a video from today of Holden chewing on his hand. A new pastime of his, even when he's not hungry!

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John said...

Thanks so much for posting these videos, its so great to see him! He's goddamn adorable and his giant hands look even bigger in video!

I can't wait to get home and smother him in kisses!