Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleepless..... days?

So our nights are still fairly good. Holden goes down around 9 (we're working on getting it earlier!) and usually only wakes up to eat twice, occasionally we're really lucky and he'll only wake up once to eat! Then we're up at 7:30.

But our days have gone in the crapper!! My little buddy refuses to nap properly, and it turns him into a cranky pants by the end of the day. He'll sleep great as long as he's in our arms, but it's time to break that. I can't have him sleeping in my arms for two or three 2 hour naps a day, he's getting heavy! So now he's having about six 20 minute naps a day (it's horrible!!) instead of 3 nice 2 hour naps. I feel like I'm spending my entire day trying to get him to sleep!!

My objective is for him to have at least two naps a day that last 1.5 hours or more, and for him to fall asleep on his own and not in my arms.

We've got a new book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" which I'll be putting to the test. I still have to finish it, and it'll be a couple of weeks of lots of repeat repeat repeat, but hopefully some of the tricks will work.

If any of you moms have any tricks out there, write them in the comments!!!!!

On a different note, we went for a nice winter hike on the weekend and brought Holden along in his sleigh. He's still a little small to put him in it directly, so we rigged up his carseat to fit in it. Here are some pics!


Anonymous said...

I have been doing the same thing with my daughter sleeping in my arms...

What I have been doing ( at the advice of a friend) which totally goes against how we are told to get them to sleep, but it's been working.

What I do is put her down on her tummy ( the same way holden would sleep on his tummy on you) and then put her head in the crook of my nursing pillow ( simulates being held) and I am in the process of slowly taking the pillow away farther and farther each day.

Good luck and Holden is looking amazing!!

Becka said...

We used the same book with much success. We're using the next book in the series for toddlers (moving from the family bed! -sniffles) with moderate success. Our schedule has been really screwy with out of town visitors for the past month and a bit, but once things settle down we're hoping the start to go smoothly.