Sunday, January 27, 2008

Motor Mouth!

Holden had great visits with Grand Daddy and then Nanny and Pappa yesterday.

First up was Grand Daddy where Holden introduced Grand Daddy to his newfound talent for high volume drooling and willingness to share. Grand Daddy was unfazed, in a good way, by Holden's generosity. Barry's dog Ralph broke the cold war and was the first to ackowledge Holden. He gave him a few curious sniffs and when Holden remained indifferent, swatted him with his tail. Holden probably deserved it for being such a snob.

We then visited Nanny and Pappa. Holden was a little fussy for the first little while, but once he took a relaxing snooze and settled down, he had loads of fun. It seems he had a lot to share with Nanny because he was talking to her non-stop. We weren't smart enough to understand what he was saying, but he remained patient and continued talking with us all the same. He was so talkative that Mommy got a little teary eyed at that special moment!

We've been taking Holden for daily walks, often more than once a day and he LOVES the outdoors. This afternoon we plan to take him hiking in the woods where we will use our wooden sleigh for the first time. The sleigh was a gift from Grand Maman's friends Pierrette and Claude. Its exactly like a sleigh I had when I was a kid and I'm really looking forward to using it today!

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