Monday, December 17, 2007

Holden World Tour II - Back for more

Holden enjoyed last weekend's world tour so much that we decided to do some of it again. While we didn't do the full rounds, Holden did visit with his Grand Daddy and then Nanny and Papa. We were really happy to find that Gerry, Lisa, Cole and Keira were also visiting at Nanny and Papa's, so it made for a really fun day.

The day started at Barry's. Stephanie and Holden stayed with Barry, while I took care of some Christmas shopping. I eventually met up with everyone and had a nice visit. Holden was really comfortable at his Grand Daddy's and had a great sleep!

Later that afternoon Holden had an opportunity to get to know his cousins a little better at Nanny and Papa's. Keira was still sick, so we had to be careful with her, much to her disappointment. She was very intersted in the 'Ba-by!'.

Here is a picture of Nanny and Cole with Holden. Cole is showing off his favorite new hair product - bubblegum.

Cole and Holden getting comfy with one another

Cole showing off his bandaid and Keira looking adorable!

Poor Lisa, having to put up with those whacky Churchill boys

Holden and Uncle Gerry getting to know one another.... though Holden seems far more interested in eating his hand.

Woah, Dude, what a day. I'm NEVER drinking that much milk ever again...

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