Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas 3 days of Christmas....

While we haven't been posting over the holidays, we HAVE been taking pictures.... lots and lots of pictures. Hundreds of pictures, in fact, so..... brace yourself. We basically had 3 Christmas celebrations:
  • the 24th with the Churchill's, Davis' and Nicole.
  • the 25th with Nicole and Barry
  • the 26th with Churchill's and Nicole

On the 24th, instead of completing my household chores in advance of Stephanie's Mom, Nicole, arriving to spend Christmas with us, I decided to go off script and build an epic snowman. Initially, my intentions were good. Some exterior work was needed due to all the snow and sudden rise in temperature. I had to move some snow around and clear some drainage to minimize the risk of water damage.... and suddenly realized that I could make a HUGE pile of snow on my back deck. Everyone knows that huge piles of snow are good for two things. Snow forts and/or snowmen. While I'd generally lean towards a fort, it was raining, so I opted for the less messy project and built a snowman. I even strung some lights on him so we can appreciate him out the back window at night.

Gerry and Cole dropped by to check him out, so I took a picture of them with Holden and the snowman.

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