Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holden's First Road Trip

After 2 weeks of having Mommy and Daddy cramp his style, Holden had his first Road Trip today!

He celebrated by getting all pimped out in some mad threadz - dark blue overalls - have they EVER been out of style? - , powder blue leisure (snow) suit - complete with animal ears - and his teddy and train blankie. Note: no actual animals were harmed in the making of his leisure suit.

The trip was mostly a blur but definately a huge success. Highlights included:
  • shotgunning milk in public! - the midwife's waiting room
  • getting naked and passing out! - the midwife's office
  • hitting up all the ladies at Steph's work - sorry, no photos. All rights now belong to 'Babies Gone Wild'.

After a very memorable day and meeting lots of new friends, he was happy to return home to crash with his Mommy - afterall, he's still a Momma's boy.

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