Sunday, December 2, 2007

Merci Grand Maman!

Holden misses his Grand Maman already!

Stephanie's Mom was nice enough to come and stay with us for a week to help guide us through our crash course into parenthood. Aside from all the great cooking and helpful cleaning, Grand Maman also gave us much needed breaks to go nap in between feedings.

A huge thank you from John, Stephanie and Holden. We really appreciate your help!

Grand Maman's cooking was so good that we had to steal a few of her recipes.

Update on Holden's late night difficulties: He has been amazing for the last two nights. While he still cluster feeds, he has toned down his frantic wailings. We've also incorporated situps to manage gas. Stephanie picked up this tip from her friend Diane and so far it has worked like a charm. It helps him get rid of the gas and even when it doesn't result in a burp, he seems to like it so much that 12 situps calm him right down.

One more photo of Holden and Grand Maman


Becka said...

Lower ab crunches by raising knees to chest and bicycle legs helps too. Lucien was terrible with the gas in the first month or two (it's all a little hazy really) but those things helped!

grand-maman said...

Ce fut une semaine que j'ai adoré
Je suis tombée en amour instantanément avec Holden.
Depuis, je suis sur un nuage de bonheur; ma fille a maintenant une famille et ils sont heureux, que demander de plus
Je m'ennuie de Holden et j'ai hâte a Noel pour le revoir.