Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend update

So it really was a busy weekend! It started on Saturday when we had our first Bringing Baby Home Class. Very interesting stuff. We took a few things off our registry after learning some stuff in the class. Such as plastic bottles (glass or stainless steel are better) and the cuddle bag for the carseat. I was really looking forward to getting/purchasing this, but it turns out that it compromises the functionality of the carseat, and would therefore nul our insurance if we were to be in an accident. So that’s out!

The class also went over basic child care like holding the baby (John was happy to find out that babies like to be held like footballs, he GETS that), bathing, swaddling, etc. We also learnt infant CPR, and will get a chance to have our carseat inspected for proper installation next weekend. The class was obviously on a very “attachement” parenting” slant, but that was fine with me, although the instructor was not impressed with me when I brought up the Baby Whisperer *ha* after I told her I had a friend who swore by it, and another who’s totally against it. I figure, we’ll read, and we’ll just do what works for us, whatever it is.

Sunday was my dad’s birthday so we hung out with him for the day. He ended up making french toast for brunch for us. My dad makes THE BEST french toast. John had the brilliant idea of getting my dad’s car detailed as a birthday gift. It went over very well. After that it was off to John’s parent’s place to visit for Paula’s birthday. The whole family was there so it was nice to see everyone, and to hang out with the kids. They’re growing up so fast, it’s incredible! Keira’s talking lots now, and seems to have new words everytime I see her, and Cole is now in Big Boy School!

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