Monday, October 29, 2007

The Bestest BabyMomma Ever!

As Stephanie recently posted, this weekend was our 1 year anniversary. While I don't need an anniversary to remind me how special and amazing my wonderful wife is, it did give me pause to think about our busy first year and how lucky I am to have found Stephanie. I still have moments when she's dancing like a goof (daily) and/or being her cute self and I get goosebumps just thinking about how much I love her.

I feel awful that this is going to sound like a 'me too!' but I swear I was planning to write this before Stephanie's post - she just beat me to the punch! I guess we think alike.

I'm not naive... well, not totally naive. I know marriage is hard work and the little Baby Churchill will cause much stress and strain, but I'm so happy that Stephanie and I will be going through it together and I know we'll be able to handle it with love and support.

I love Stephanie more and more each day, if that's possible! We've had a big year and an even bigger year ahead! I'm looking forward to many more blissful years of giggles and goofiness.

I love you, Pooks.

Yes, I know this was terribly sappy. Too bad. Deal with it, suckah.

BTW, thanks to the many people who remembered our anniversary. Sorry I never remember yours. I didn't know that was something you were supposed to remember about other people. Then again, I don't think you expected me to, since I barely remember birthdays.

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J & T Hawley said...

You guys are sick!

Congrats on one year. I am sure little baby Churchill will thrive in a house with so much love. :-)