Thursday, October 25, 2007

Work Baby Shower & potluck

Yesterday I had a baby shower at work combined with a potluck. It was so fun. It wasn’t a surprise, I’ve been at Accurate long enough to know that I was going to get one. We’re an office varying from around 14-17 people, and there have been TEN pregnancies since I started here almost 7 years ago. That’s a lot of babies for a small office!! So I knew what was coming.

We had a great meal with LOTS of food, and the office spoiled me with gifts for little Holden. We got a baby bath, baby bath products, towels, and toys.

My co-worker Di who is currently on maternity leave (one of the TEN pregnancies) also dropped by with her 2 kids, Hanna & Adrien. So cute, and great to see them. Her family also bought Holden some very nice gifts. Lianne (another one of the TEN pregnancies who’s on maternity leave now) also dropped by with her daughter Charlotte (Coco!), who might be the happiest baby on the planet. Although now that I think of it, my niece Kiera might actually win that battle.

Only 1 more week of work before I go on maternity leave! CRAZY!

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