Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy weekend!

What a weekend! We were incredibly busy and even had a home crisis.

Saturday evening we had dinner at Diane & Dan’s house. Wonderful meal with wonderful friends. We don’t see them often enough, and will make a bigger effort to see them more often from now on. Their 2 kids are awesome too! Full of smiles and giggles. Diane also lent me a ton of maternity clothes. Thank you!

On Sunday, Lisa, Gerry and the kids dropped by and gave us a bunch of their stuff. Love! We got a stroller, infant car seat with base, nursing pillow, jolly jumper, etc. Cole was showing off his fabulous The Incredibles running shoes which light up, and Keira was wearing THE CUTEST little blue outfit with flowers. Wish I had thought to take a picture!

Later, our a/c burst and semi-flooded our basement! AAAAAAAH! Luckily we caught it within an hour or so, so our basement isn’t completely ruined. We still had to pull back some carpeting though, and we were stressed out for the remainder of the day. The furnace-a/c guy came and it looks like it wasn’t a HUGE problem, the a/c part of the furnace had never been cleaned and was therefore backed up. He cleaned it and it’s been fine since. We were lucky to have caught it so quickly, often we’ll go days without going in the basement… imagine if it had been 3 days instead of 1 hour! Yikes. John’s parents came and helped us clean up the mess the flooding had done, and brought over a dehumidifier, which has already helped immensely.

I had Monday off and Theresa & Bo came for a little visit. Bo is the cutest baby. He’s smiling and giggling lots now, I can’t get enough! Bo and Little Baby Churchill had better get along. They won’t have much choice in the matter.

I’m now 27 weeks along. Only 13 weeks to go. I’ll have to take a belly picture soon!! We had a midwife appointment yesterday and we had the option of starting our 2 week appointments already. We opted for 3 weeks this time, since I’m feeling fantastic. But it’ll be 2 weeks from that point on! Where did the time go??

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J & T Hawley said...

13 weeks is going to fly! You look great. I'm glad to hear that everything is going so well.