Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We had an incredibly productive long weekend. John busted his butt ALL weekend painting our main floor. He did SUCH a good job. Our place now looks amazing, I’m in love with our walls! While John painted, I hung out with my dad on Saturday (it was a gorgeous day, we hung out on the front porch with the dog ALL day) and I unpacked the office on Sunday. Monday I took down all the paint tape. Poor John is so exhausted. And he still has the basement, baby’s room, and kitchen cabinets to do! Did I mention I love my husband very very much?

We also bought a crib with mattress and change table for an incredible bargain. We bought them used, but you couldn’t tell by looking at it, everything is in pristine condition. The woman we bought it from even included a full crib set, a bag of sheets, AND a bag of baby boy clothes! All for $125!!!!!!!!!!!! A.maz.ing.

Photos of the walls AND our new furniture to come later tonight.

Oh, and I’m 26 weeks pregnant today!

*Edit* We didn't get any pictures tonight. Sorry! Tomorrow for sure.

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