Thursday, August 23, 2007

The ever expanding belly

I’m definitely pregnant. There’s no doubt about it now. I can no longer hide it with baggy shirts. There is a big belly now! And a baby growing bigger by the week. Literally. I look at myself in the mirror everyday, and on Sundays I see a distinct difference! It’s quite funny. I run (waddle) to John and yell “look at how much bigger my belly is!” and he laughs and calls me “tubs”.

The little guy is a real kicker too, and has a love for my right side ribs. I can’t tell if it’s hands or feet, but I often get little tickles up there that actually squish my lungs a bit and make me have to take a few deep breaths. And never on the left side, always on the right!

We got the new car, it’s so beautiful. And I can drive it! It’s an automatic! John isn’t too thrilled, but I am! For those of you that don’t know, I haven’t driven in about 7 years or so, although I do still have my licence, so this weekend we’re going take a little refresher course. Exciting!

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grand-maman said...

J'ai hâte de te voir ainsi que ton

Félicitations pour la nouvelle auto

Maman xxx