Thursday, August 2, 2007

First blog post EVAH!

Here's our little baby Churchill at 21 weeks:

I am now 25 weeks and 2 days preggers. Everything is going great! Except for the swollen feet. It's so irritating! And I normally have such cute feet, and now... not so much. My SIL even called them hobbit feet!! *waaaaaa* And my one fingertip is numb. But really, I shouldn't complain, I've had it REALLY good so far.

We've picked out our baby room theme. Farm! It's unisex, so we can pass it on if we have a girl next time around (did I mention we're having a boy??), OR, heck, maybe the u/s tech was wrong!


John said...

He's kind of funny looking. He must take after your Mom.

Stephanie said...

my mom is gonna read this and kick yer butt!

Stephanie said...

I think he looks more like Skeletor, actually.

J & T Hawley said...

A blog? What a crazy idea. :-) I can't wait to meet your little guy. I'm sure he'll be gorgeous.
Sorry about your feet Steph, your SIL was right.


It's true that he looks like me,
that's why he is so gorgeous.
Il a du Latendresse.

Marlene Vromans said...

I love the shirt! I am a contact of Grandma Nicoles through work. He is quite beautiful. Good luck to you and relish the sleepless nights because they do grow up quickly.